I have a small business. my previous accountant was hard to reach and filed many returns tate. His charges were also unjustifiable. Then I found m w mirza. char-tered Accountant through a reference and all my tax problems disappeared…

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I have used Muhammad’s services for my small busi-ness and was very impressed with his professional-ism. knowledge and experience. I will highly recom-mend him to other small business owners. who are looking for the best value.

Average Rating:5 stars (based on 6 ratings)

We have been using M W Mirza. Chartered Accoun-tant for several years and are very satisfied for the value of money spent on financial reporting compli-ance with government authorities..

Average Rating:5 stars (based on 6 ratings)

I can’t say enough about the service I get at M W Mirza, Chartered accountant. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, professional and proactive. They take care of our tax and other compliance obligations so we can take care of our business.

Average Rating:5 stars (based on 6 ratings)
Dr. Ademilola Oyenubi
Internal Medicine Physician, Markham

Many thanks for sorting out the accounts and the best options for my business. I have been really impressed with the personal service that the office of M W Mirza, Chartered Accountant has offered, and the way they have personally dealt with my accounts and concerns.
I have found the whole team at M W Mirza, Chartered Accountant to be both professional, proactive and efficient in all aspects of their work – they are ever supportive and knowledgeable, allowing my business to excel at the things we do best.

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John Sakhi
President, Tiger Auto Parts Toronto

We have several corporations and small businesses and the mess our previous accountant made was un-imaginable. Then we found M W Mirza, Chartered Accountant and what a difference he has made – phone calls returned, financial year ends done on time, letters written, on our behalf to CRA and Provincial governments and no more late filing penalties. M W Mirza is efficient, effective, professional and we highly recommend him for your business. Now, we have been working with him for several years and fully trust his team to meet our accounting and tax needs.

Average Rating:5 stars (based on 6 ratings)
Adnan Khalid
President, Gold Stock
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